CodeLock is an easy to use and affordable PHP and HTML encryption software
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CodeLock is an easy to use and affordable PHP and HTML encryption software Its simple, but very effective...
Codelock is easy to use and is very portable. It does not require any special server configuration for your clients.
CodeLock is an easy to use and affordable PHP and HTML encryption software Try it before you buy it!
Codelock V2.7 and Joomla HTML Encoder have a 15 day trial so you can try it for yourself. To check it out for yourself, click on download...

CodeLock is an easy to use and affordable PHP and HTML encryption software

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"NICE !! Just about sums it all up really. A very elegant solution to a tricky problem - well done." - Campbell (
"...thanks a lot for your help your product is excellent"
- Albert (
"...This script and HTML protection software represents a very effective toolkit for the protection of php scripts and HTML generated by them. Simple installation and offers very good value for money"
- (Mike Wright UK)
"Your products so great and I'm glad I found it"
- Dave K
"your ...Codelock v.2.0 LOOKS GREAT and is really WONDERFUL... THANKS..."
- Stefano M
"Its a very clever script!"
- Zac
"I purchased your product
And love it, it's awesome... Thanks again, for the great product " - Mat

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CODELOCK NOTICE - 13 December 2011

Upcoming New Release: We are currently working hard on a long awaited CODELOCK Tracker release. We have completely upated the GUI, upgraded to PHP5, improved workflow, now you can edit licenses to extend expired licenses without clients having to download another software package. We are replacing the very limited and rigid filemanager. More improvements will follow. For those who don't know what CODELOCK Tracker is: The Tracker as the name implies is a PHP software lisence tracking, managing, encoding and download system, using PayPal IPN, for ultimate script control, distribution, and protection.
Stay tuned as the CODELOCK Tracker v2.5 will be released very soon.

NEW version of the Joomla HTML Encoder for Joomla 1.6/1.7!

Please download the trial version before buying the full version to test this plugin with your Joomla installation. We are not able to test every possible Joomla setup due to too many 3rd party extenstions (If you experience issues with certain components the Joomla Encoder plugin can be easily configued to be disabled for any number of components).

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Download Joomla Encoder Plugin - Joomla 1.6/1.7 » Free 15 Day Trial Version

Download Joomla Encoder Plugin - Joomla 1.5 » Free 15 Day Trial Version

Update for Codelock V2.7 PHP/HTML Encryptor

We have addressed latest Browser related issues and replaced PHP5.3 deprecated functions. Improved tool-tip help in interface. Other minor improvements to help overall experience/performance.

Download latest Codelock V2.7 » Free 15 Day Trial Version

Please try our software before you buy it!


The Codelock Team

Codelock V2.7 + Engine  

Do you need to encrypt your PHP scripts or code before distribution? Are you looking for an affordable and clever solution?

We offer CODELOCK V2.7 + Engine
"Protect your PHP Scripts"

Now you can encrypt your PHP or HTML files before distribution without worrying about others who might want to copy or steal your code. With Codelock V2.7, you can protect your PHP scripts or pages to make them unreadable by other people...

Protect your PHP Scripts before you deploy them!
Click here for more details for Codelock V2.7 + Engine

Codelock Tracker V2

Do you wish you could keep track of ALL your PHP scripts that you have ever deployed or sold and deactivate them at the click of a button if you needed to?

Now it's possible to control your scripts with
"The Ultimate PHP Deployment Utility"

There's nothing else like it... Now you can encrypt your PHP or HTML files and distribute them without worrying about thieves who might want to copy or steal your code AND you can stop being ripped off by fraudsters!

Take back CONTROL of your PHP scripts and STOP being ripped off!
Click here for more details for Codelock Tracker

Codelock Dynamic Encoder  

Do you want to encode your scripts "on-the-fly"?

Now you can integrate the Codelock Dynamic Encryptor within your own scripts! It works with PHP or HTML files! It also encodes your HTML Output.

Use it as a library script or simply include it as an extra function.

Now it's possible to encode your scripts in REAL TIME online on-the-fly with
CODELOCK Dynamic Encoder
"Encode & Deploy - Your Way!"

This script enables you to generate encrypted PHP scripts and it even encodes the HTML Output of your existing scripts!

Encrypt your own scripts on your server, in real-time on-the-fly!
Click here for more details for the Codelock Dynamic Encoder

Codelock JOOMLA 1.5 HTML Encoder  

Do you wish you could protect your Joomla pages HTML source code?

Now it's possible to protect Joomla HTML with
JOOMLA 1.5 HTML Encoder
"The HTML Protector for Joomla Websites"

Now you can protect all your HTML source code for your Joomla pages. It encodes ANY page you specify including modules, components and everything else! This module is easy to install and easy to configure.

It enables you to encrypt / encode all of your page's HTML source code and disable the right mouse click with a customizable error message.

Protect the HTML source code for any of your Joomla Websites!
Click here for more details for the Codelock JOOMLA HTML Encoder

"I must tell you that your software rocks. Installation is super easy and the encoding procedure is without fuss. Thank you"

Now you can protect your PHP scripts with our easy to use software.

For more information visit any of the pages above.


Works with:
Codelock works windows and linux
Windows, Linux and FreeBSD servers


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